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This is literally perfect… | Photo By: #kimurasan #stancenation
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S2000 by CullenCheung on Flickr.
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drift for life
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Fuck. Every time I see this Z31, it just gets better and better. 
This is a real piece of art.  

calpan This car has an NA RB25DE with ITB’s

Yeah I’ve read up on it. While Rocky Auto is the tuner that’s got me obsessed with the idea of swapping it into old Nissans, this has me convinced all 300ZXs should have one.

Nope, Z31’s are heavy while an NA builds are super nice and sound like heaven, they just don’t have the torque to move 300ZX’s and especially the Z32’s which are even heavier. 

Any car can be made light weight, as long as you don’t give a fuck about retaining perfect interior.We chopped out more than 500 pounds out of a 1985 jaguar XJ6
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Alexis Ren
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